Milk factory


Milk factory

Milk factory is established together with the restaurant.
We grow rare jersey cattle, only 1% of daily cattle in Japan.
The fresh milk is delivered to processing plant to produce highquality daily products.
You may buy our daily products at the restaurant, shop.
Try our farm fresh ingredients!

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About Jersey cattle

Although Holstein is a typical daily cow, and 99% of daily cows
in Japan are Holstein, we decided to raise Jersey cows in 2012.
Holstein produce 8,000kg milk yearly, compare with Jersey cows only produce 5,600kg milk yearly. Their milk is precious and expensive. Although the jersey cows’ milk productivity is low, we chose its rich taste and flavor.
You would enjoy rich milk taste since Jersey milk contain high butter fat.

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To buyer

We are whole selling the fresh products to department stores,
retail stores, and restaurants, and we have getting a favorable reception.
Try our sample if you are interested.
We are happy to deliver our products to our neighborhood as well.